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A comprehensive digital guide to 
Plantar Fasciitis by Rachael Ferguson

Have you ever:

  • Just woken up and as you get out of bed, find your first steps to be unusually painful?

  • Been on the couch watching a movie with your feet up, and as the credits rolls you stand up and your feet are aching and stiff?

  • Been on your feet at work for a few hours and as the day's gone on, the pain not only mounts but accelerates?

  • Gone about your daily life with mild foot paint that gets much, much worse when you climb stairs?

  • Been out jogging and had some heel pain which goes away as you warm up—but returns with a vengence when your session is over?

It's the most common type of heel pain in Australia: Plantar Fasciitis (say: PLAN-tar fashy-EYE-tuss) and you might be the one out of ten people who develops it in their lifetime.

It's overstraining this ligament that can make it weak, tender, swollen, irritated, painful, thickened, and tight.

And because it's crucial to standing and walking, it's under strain for much of our time.

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to understanding this common issue, what causes it and what you can do to prevent and treat it.